Blue Dragonfly Cut Flower Farm is family owned and we grow a large selection of speciality cut flowers from April to October.


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Just a few pictures of bouquets that we have made this month and put on the Flower Wagon.
Hope you enjoy them.



Today is Thanksgiving and we wish everyone a wonderful day with lots of blessings and food.
Our flower season has come to a close for this year.  But looking forward to all the spring blooms that will come in April.

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It has been awhile since I posted anything.  So I'm going to post a few pictures from our 2018 season. Things were very busy this year with lots of challenges to overcome in the flower business and our personal lives.  My husband and I both are a little older and face some health issues from time to time, but overall we still manage to grow lots of beautiful flowers.

These were bouquets that were on the Flower Wagon for sale.

A new sunflower variety I grew and really liked it.  Will be growing more in the 2019 season.

Another bouquet from the 2018 season.

We had a beautiful crop of orange Marigolds this year.  Very prolific bloomers. 



We planted lots of flower plugs in October and direct seeded lots of seeds for spring flowers.  After a brief rest, we will soon start seeding trays for more spring flowers.  Here are a few pictures of some of the young plants that come from direct seeding.

 Some of the young tiny plants are covered with frost cloth to protect against winter weather.